Public Research Institute, (PRI), has eschewed the traditional presidential structure in favor of direct participation by its directors. Each  director brings a unique and valuable talent to the board.
The current board of directors of Public Research Institute, (PRI), is:

Dr. George W. Oprisko              - Executive Director
( 45 years experience in project execution for the Fortune 500 and smaller businesses )

Mr. David A. Kominiak               - Administrative Director and Chairman of Audit Committee
( 45 years experience in audit for major firms and regulatory bodies)

Ms. Thada Anne Inglin                - Legal Director
( 13 years experience  in South Africa, 2 years experience in California, USA, and 20 + years experience in New Zealand, admitted to the bar in all the above jurisdictions )

Dr. Natalia A. Shcherbinina MD       - Outside Director
( 20 years experience in government service in Russia, China, Namibia, and USA )
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