Public Research Institute, (PRI) is committed to  its members.
Memberships are not transferable.
Members must be accepted by 2/3 of the existing membership, and by the majority of the board of directors.
Executive members are eligible for election to the board of directors, provided their membership of $ 100,000 is paid in full.
Associate members are eligible to become Executive members if so elected by 2/3 of the executive membership.provided their membership of $ 5,000 is paid in full
Life members are eligible for election to associate membership. Upon approval of 2/3 of the executive membership, provided their membership of $ 500 is paid in full.
General members pay $ 50 in annual dues and receive the Institute Proceedings annually,  They may become Life members by paying life dues of $ 500 after 3 years continuous membership.
PRI's  objective is to continue the organization's focus on issues of merit, searching for novel solutions to pressing issues, or addressing pressing needs which find no other benefactor.

  The Institute has a three tiered membership structure:.
We invite you to explore our site and learn more about our exciting organization
As a 501 - C3 compliant organization, the Institute serves the public, and it's research is available to the public. 

Donations are always welcome, and are considered tax deductible in many of the jurisdictions in which it operates.

Due to the considerable experience we have with managing vessels, donations of boats and yachts are most welcome.

Currently we have a need for a US headquarters, and donation of a property in the US will be considered.  We also have need for a 4X4 and donation of such a vehicle is most welcome.

For more information regarding donations please send an email to:, and explain what you have on offer.
The Institute is always soliciting memberships, and provided you have sincere interest in it and it's objectives, you are most welcome to apply for membership.  Please send an email to that effect to  our reply will include an application form to fill out and return.