Public Research Institute, (PRI), believes the solution to the Anthropogenic Climate Change lies in Distributed Renewable Power. 
The Institute is committed to supporting organizations committed to building power plants for their own use, regardless of size.

The Institute's program supports organizations from the initial feasibility study, through project financing and execution.

The Institute knows non-profit organizations cannot afford huge upfront fees for engineering services, and offers it's services at a deep discount to commercial rates.

These services are as follows:
We invite you to explore our site and learn more about our exciting organization
Initial assessment of the proposed project via email, at no charge.
Bankable Feasibility Studies as low as $10,000 for smaller projects..
Assistance with fund raising through our investment program which matches investors with projects.
Assistance with delivering the project, should the community choose to do so in house.
Optional provision of experienced project manager(s), where the community prefers.
Optional delivery of the project on a turnKey basis, where the community prefers.
Before you pickup the phone to call us, please note the following conditions which must be met:
1. Your organization must have a resource, be it wind, hydro, solar, or geothermal, available to it.
2. Your organization must be able to secure control of the resource, through deed or lease.
3. Your organization's leadership, (mayor, council, administrator, etc.) must be favorable to the project.
4. The minimum project size is 6 Kwe for solar, 250 Kwe for wind, 100 Kwe for hydro, and 1 Mwe for geothermal.
5. Your organization must be willing to invest in the project, providing funds and / or sweat equity.
6. Your organization must be willing to commit to purchasing the power over the life of the project.
If you feel that your project meets the above criteria, be prepared to provide us with the following:
Name and location of the project
Information regarding power demand.
A complete description of the resource you want to exploit.
Names and contact details for all members of the committee, or group proposing the project
Names and contact details for the organization's leader(s) supporting the project.
If you have this in hand, please put it into a word document (doc), and email it to us at:  Give us a week or two to verify what you've sent us before we reply to the email address you provide.   If we think you're on to something, we'll propose a chat on the phone to discuss matters further.
If you are a resource owner, interested in hosting a renewable power project, be it wind, hydro, solar, or geothermal, and are prepared to commit the resource to a developer on a leasehold, or fee simple basis, we'll try to match you with a community or developer interested in purchasing power, if your resource is at least 2000 Kwe for wind, 1000 Kwe.for hydro, 5000 Kwe for geothermal, and 2000 Kwe for solar. 

Send the particulars to:  Give us several weeks to look over the materials you provide, before we reply to the email address you provide.  If we think your resource is sufficient to host development, we'll propose a chat on the phone to discuss matters further.