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The current objective of Public Research Institute, (PRI) is to assist communities in profitably developing  renewable resources to produce grid connected electricity.
PRI is an international pioneering Organization focused on the application of technology to solve real world problems.    The Institute is currently seeking partnerships with communities interested in developing their solar, wind, hydro, and geothermal resources..
PRIwind is focused on exploitation of class 2-4 sites in the USA, those with average wind speeds at ground level of 4.5-7 m/sec. Using highly efficient 4th generation turbines designed by PRIengineering, rated at 7 m/sec, the Institute can offer communities equipment able to produce power at $ 0,04 / Kwh at hub level wind speeds averaging more than 6 m/sec. Areas with such resource include the midwestern USA and the West Indies.
PRIsolar is focused on high performance Photo Voltaic technologies, and has teamed these with sodium-sulfur and Lithium Hydride Batteries to produce dispatchable power economically anywhere.
PRIgeothermal  is focused on conversion of low temperature (70-150oC), heat sources into grid connected electrical power, using the technologies exclusive to it, as developed by PRIengineering and Cryostar.  This expertise permits it to exploit conventional and hot dry rock resources in much of the USA and world wide at resource temperatures of 75-150oC, which are generally available at depths of  3 - 5 km..
PRIhydro is focused on conversion of the more than 6000 existing dams in the USA, which are capable of generating more than 2 Mwe of electrical power, using turbine technologies from Ossberger and Siemens, on a turnkey basis.