The strategy of Public Research Institute, (PRI) reduces project risk via implementation of proven designs that have evolved from earlier successful ones.
PRI uses its proprietary geo feature database and selection tools to identify multiple projects within each operating region with a high probability of commercial value, before significant sums are spent.
PRI uses its experienced  team of community partners to file the required licensing documents directly with the relevant departments of each state or province, and to integrate surface rights holders into the team in exchange for access and development rights.
PRI uses the following staged approach to minimize risk, and maximize results:
1. Field enquiries from communities interested in a renewable power project
2. Send an assessment questionaire to serious enquiring communities..
3. Evaluate returned questionaires to triage each project as:  highly feasible, feasible, infeasible..
4. Meet with the proponents of highly feasible projects.
5. Negotiate a feasibility study, (bankable) with community leaders of highly feasible projects, at rates 1/3 of market..
6. Present the completed feasibility study to the community, including revised assessment of economic feasibility.
7. Where the project meets Institute feasibility criteria, offer to implement the project on a partnership basis, otherwise on a fee basis.
8. Implement the project in coordination with the community under those conditions agreed contractually.
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