Solar Gradient Ponds have been successfully used as peaking plants.  A peaking plant provides large amounts of power on short notice to meet short term grid demands.  Solar Gradient Pond Plants can do this due to the very large amount of thermal storage existing in the brine pool at the bottom of each pond.  A peaking plant requires only half the pond area of a baseload plant for a given output, due to the nature of demands made upon it.

When a solar pond peaking plant is teamed to a wind farm, the solar plant can regulate wind farm output by making up the difference between wind farm output and demand.  Additionally, the solar plant can use stored heat to run at night, so power from it is available 24 hours daily, and of course, when it is calm, the solar plant's energy gain is higher than during windy periods.

The following chart shows these issues graphically for Luderitz.
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