Ms. Thada Anne Inglin - Legal Director
BA   - University of Natal - 1977     
LLB - University of Witwatersrand - 1981 +64 (9) 638-6969

Thada is well known for her pioneering work in RSA in the field of black business law during the 1980s.  Her practice at that time was located in Johannesburg where she practiced before various courts in the Republic of South Africa for 13 years.

Following the end of Apartheid, Thada emigrated to New Zealand, and established a practice in Kerikeri, site of the first european settlement in New Zealand, and adjacent to the famous Bay of Islands.   Later she emigrated to California, established a practice there, subsequently returning to Auckland, New Zealand.
In New Zealand, Thada has been active for more than 15 years in Property Law, Residential and Rural Conveyancing, Business Law, Commercial Law, Franchising, Trusts, and Family Law. 
She is admitted to the bar in South Africa, New Zealand, and California. 
She currently operates a Practice in New Zealand, specializing in Property law, Conveyancing, Business Law, Trusts, and Family Law. 
Her international qualifications make Thada an important asset to the Institute..

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