Examination of previous financial panics, and credit bubble collapses has shown that once the public mood changes from embracing debt, to shunning debt, the de-leveraging process continues until Debt is a fraction of GDP.  With Debt currently exceeding 2 times GDP, we can expect to see more than 20 Trillion of Debt defaulted upon, or paid.

This environment is particularly challenging for lenders, who now insist on the three C's of banking before making a loan.

It is challenging to developers, who are forced to quantify and independently verify all aspects of their projects.

Funds are available, however, for deserving projects.

The Institute will work with dedicated communities and resource owners to make their projects happen, if they are responsive to the needs of the financial community.

If you and your team are up to conforming to these standards and have a project in mind, contact us.

For particulars please write us at: 
financing@publicresearchinstitute.org, as always, there is no obligation.
Public Research Institute, (PRI), knows how difficult the current investing climate is.  We were aware of the impending Global Financial Crisis as early as 2006, and we know it is far from over. 
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