Public Research Institute, (PRI), has sponsored Renewable Power Projects in Africa, St. Helena, and the West Indies. 
Our experience is available to you, the Community Developer, because we believe in renewable power as the solution to many problems faced by the US.  As a non-profit, we can and do act as a catalyst to enable such projects.

The Institute's assistance program for project proponents consists of the following:
We invite you to explore our site and learn more about our exciting organization
Initial assessment of the resource with no obligation.
Assessment of power demand with no obligation
Bankable Feasiblity Studies, beginning at $10,000 for 250 Kwe projects, capped at $50,000 for projects larger than 2Mwe
Project mangement and execution for a percentage of the project, rather than an up front fee.
Turnkey project execution for a percentage of the project, or on a fee basis as you prefer.
Organization of operating entities
Negotiation of Power Purchase Agreements and Resource Leases
If you have a project in mind, please describe it in a word document (doc), and email it to us at:

Give us a week or two to verify what you've sent us before we reply to the email address you provide.   If we think you're on to something, we'll propose a chat on the phone to discuss matters further.