Public Research Institute, (PRI), knows how difficult the current investing climate is.  We were aware of the impending Global Financial Crisis as early as 2006, and 8 years after the onset in 2008, it is far from over. 
Examination of previous financial panics, and credit bubble collapses has shown that once the public mood changes from embracing debt, to shunning debt, the deleveraging process continues until Debt is a fraction of GDP.  At the onset Debt exceeded 3 times GDP, with more than 30 Trillion of Debt to be defaulted upon, or paid.  8 years later Debt exceeds Twice GDP with 20 Trillion to be paid, settled, or defaulted upon, before debt levels approach those approaching a bottom.

This environment is particularly challenging for investors, with banks now offering less than
1% interest on deposits.

Everyone is aware of the collapse in real estate values, with no end in sight, and the deteriorating employment situation, also worsening.

Under appreciated by many, is the new frugality of consumers, and the focus on basics first.   Together with food, electricity is a basic service consumers need, and must buy.  Renewable power, owned and operated by communities, provides consumers with low cost power, at stable prices, locking the consumer into a long term relationship which assures he attends to his power bill before most everything else.  This makes such investments low risk, and disruption insurance is purchased by our project operators to further reduce risk.

If you are interested in stable returns of 6% or so on your invested funds, project bonds or preferred shares may be for you.  With denominations of $ 10,000 for bonds and $100 per share for prefereds, and coupon rates between 4 and 7%, these provide an opportunity to diversify your portfolio with investments guaranteed by sales of power under long term purchase agreements, and in the case of bonds with principal backed by the generating equipment as collateral..

If you have risk capital available, and are interested in obtaining returns exceeding 12%,  consider purchasing ordinary shares in one of our projects.  Our project operators know their shareholders are essential to their operations and offer attractive dividends to attract and keep them..

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